In a career that started around 1984, Charles has leant his hand to over 200 games, numerous films, and dozens of film trailers.
In the early 80’s, located in the Netherlands, Charles programmed his first sound effects and melodies on a CBM PET.  Two years later, Charles and a partner founded the first company in the world expressly dedicated to producing audio for computers called “Maniacs of Noise”. This company went on to produce soundtracks for over 100 games.
Charles’ work was eventually noticed by Interplay Entertainment, located in Irvine, USA.  In 1991 he moved to the USA, and started work on their famous Battle Chess, Baldur’s Gate, Descent, Fallout and Star Trek game franchises.  After a 10 year period at Interplay, he went on to work for Shiny on the Matrix Franchise.

In 2002, Charles took a break from the gaming industry to pursue sound design for films. During that time, he sound designed on The fast and the Furious movies.  This work translated into a passion for fast cars and the ultimate pursuit of emotionally-engaging audio.

Electronic Arts asked him to work on their racing franchises as Senior Audio Director at Electronic Arts Blackbox (vancouver, canada). Here, he managed to combine his fascination for fast cars with his seasoned history in games on the Need for Speed series.  Through several promotions he started in the role of Central Audio Director at Electronic Arts.    Through his seasoned background in working on Sound Design for Film Trailers, he was able to elevate the Creative on several Game trailers.  in 2011, he was offered the role as Sr. Creative Director on EA Games label’s Marketing Trailers.

As sound supervisor & sound designer, Charles has won numorous “best sound” awards, including a Life-Time achievement award from GANG.

In 2013, Charles has gone Freelance, working full-time on Trailers, Advertisement, Lecturing and more. He’s looking forward to working with you on your next project !

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